Barka & Taris

Barka & Taris

Cagliari Italien

Nicola Barca and Fabio Taris know through Techno music in 2007.
Both Sardis and from Sulcis, in 2008 start to know the world of hard techno, thanks to the many strong parties attending in Cagliari's area proposed by Basstation Crew.

In 2010 they decided to form the Barka & Taris duo, proposing a DJ set 4 decks and 2 mixers, inspired by the greatest exponents of the international scene.

Since 2012 they are part of HardStation Crew,Italian and Sardinian historical Hard Techno organization, founded by Master Barbers.
Barka & Taris propose a 4 decks dj set and recognize themselves in a hard and explosive style.

Thanks to HARDSTATION and its party, that offers them as resident from 2012, Barka & Taris were joined by leading exponents of Sardinian Hard Techno: DJ BARBERS, BRUCE, DJ EMME, KOMBOT, RECYCLE DUO, all already established in International scope and some of the sacred cows which: BORIS S, VIPER XXL, SVETEC, ALEX TB, GREG NOTILL, JAN FLECK, MALKE, MIKE DRAMA, JULYUKIE, MECHANICAL BROTHERS, LEO LAKER, BAMB, HAZZARD, PSYCODRUMS, SOTEK , MR DJ, MONTEK.

In 2013 they approach to the world of production, looking for its own sound that reflects their style.

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