Deep Mayer

Deep Mayer

Gaborone Botsuana

Doesn’t matter where you come from, your past, your age. Go beyond labels, let your soul embrace the modern urban lifestyle, and connecting with the deep and instinctive roots of our culture by expressing your true self.

Deep Mayer has no boundaries, he doesn’t fit into categories: a tireless wanderer in the urban jungle, a warrior standing alone in the industrial battlefield, seeking freedom above everything else... I'm one of the most top unrated underground DJ's in Africa.

The name MAYER is a baby boy name. In Latin the meaning of the name MAYER is: "Great/God" The name MAYER is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Mayer is: “Head-Man/Leader” People with this name are competent, practical and often obtain great power and wealth.

They tend to be successful in business and commercial affair, and are able to achieve great material dreams because they often focus strongly on business and achievements. Deep Mayer its not just a name but a brand.

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