Hard J

Hard J

Porto Portugal

Joel Antunes most known for Hard J was born in 1986 in the town of Matosinhos.

This DJ and Producer, around 2008 felt the need to make their own tracks and decided to start making their first attempts at the arduous walk in production.
In 2009, he released the first track to the Fiume Beats label, and continued to release tracks on major labels worldwide, he becoming one of the most regular Portuguese producers of Hardtechno market.
In 2012, he decided to introduce himself as a DJ, to promote his productions to the Portuguese public and quickly began performing in clubs and national events of Hardtechno, in these events he shared the cabin with some of the best national and international DJs.

In 2014 have his first international show at the Duo Dance Club (Paris-France), and returned again to play at other events in Paris by the Batukance Prods Agency.
Since then he has continued as DJ & Producer on the national Hardtechno scene... but in 2019 the hard work will continue... to release tracks at international labels and try to bring your music as a DJ internationally just like your tracks 

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