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Hellboy - DJ, producer and promoter of Techno music (Kraków / Poland). Performing for nearly 17 years in the techno/hardtechno genre.

Since 2012, the organizer of the series "Electronic Festival" (Forty Kleparz in Krakow), which hosted artists such as DJ Rush, Felix Krocher, Klaudia Gawlas, Torsten Kanzler, Fatima Hajji, Eric Sneo, Sven Wittekind, J. Fernandes, Pet Duo, Torsten Kanzler, Marika Rossa, Frank Kvitta, DJ Emerson, Brian Sanhaji, Marco Remus, Keith Carnal, Dave The Drummer.
He is also responsible for hosting the same cycle in Katowice - INQbator.

In 2018, he became a co-founder of "Geschichte" (at Poznań Schron club) a series with the participation of: Dave The Drummer, DJ Emerson, Marco Remus and Torsten Kanzler.
In the same year, the project "Unføld" was created, which was hosted at Krakow's "Barge", where Marco Remus and Frank Kvitta played.

The most important events where he played as guest are Mayday (3xPL), Nature One (PL, DE), Soundtroplis (PL), Silesia In Love (PL), Toxicator (PL / DE), Audiolake (PL), Hard Techno Festival (Austria), World Of Techno (Austria) and many other smaller events in Poland and abroad.

Hellboy has made many EPs for the Hydraulix Records label. EP 89 belongs to "I Hate Modern", where there were remixed songs from DJ Emerson, Dave The Drummer, Sven Wittekind and Torsten Kanzler.
Another EP is "Glaze to Glory" for the Italian publishing house Italo Business, where he collaborated with a French DJ and producer [Wex10] and a German producer Michael Kruck.
Next is "Persona Non Grata", an EP based on the social experiences of the DJ, quote: "two people - three opinions".

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