Hamburg Deutschland

Marsfinder was born in 1972 in Hamburg / Germany. His first instrument was a 2-manual electric organ with bass pedal and he explored classic music and theory over 6 years at the age of ten. While starting listening to Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Depeche mode and other various musicians working with keyboards he was influenced by synthesizer sounds and TV series like Miami Vice in the 80´s. He was more and more interested in electronic instruments and sounddesign.

His first synthesizer was a Yamaha with FM-Synthesis. Followed by Atari ST, Roland D-50 and the first „real“ Sequencing programs like Notator or Cubase he climbed his path to the electronic music. Meanwhile he played in a Heavy Rock Band the Keyboards (about 10 years) and was working in a famous german music store named „Amptown“ for 5 years (Synthesizer & Recording Department) which was very interesting for him.

With this kind of job he could experience EVERY Synthesizer in the 90's! From 2000 he did several random jobs and is still developing a personal and emotional style of music. He prefers relaxed sounds and beats and is following his heart and his roots.

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