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Roberto La Piana, also known as RobLars, was born in Palermo Italy. Since childhood he has been fascinated by electronics and technology. He quickly matured his hunger for technology so he was able to produce his first house track at the age of 14.

Collaborating with Sergio Ajello, he embraced music and cultures of several styles combining world music with electronic music in an innovating album ”Jiddu” dedicated and inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Coming from this experience, he turned into trip hop and ambient music for long time.

His skills are constantly evolving since he has moved to London where he has been introduced to psy- trance, techno, deep house, tech-house and minimal music.

So he decided to attend the Electronic Music Production in SAE Institute in London to improve his abilities.

To this day, Roberto is experimenting and creating his own style mixing techno, deep house, tech house and minimal music performing live.

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