Roman Falke

Roman Falke

Braunschweig Deutschland

Soulful, emotional, groove-focused – three words that best describe Roman Falke infectious music. The Haldensleben-bred producer, who is one half of Falke & Vogelbein and founder from Get Minimal Music is producing a new melodic experient music style. For over the past 20 years he is a Eletronic Hardware Fan and he own skills and studio steadily develoved them.

His productions neither ft into a simple category nor do they follow popular trends.The ambition of always reinventing himself not only explains his recent success but indicates a bright future ahead. In the Projekts Blooming Tunes or Falke & Vogelbein he played live in Clubs & Festivals in germany, poland or france. A relentlessly active producer in his own right, He’s back catalogue stands filled with two full length albumsreleased and over 80 Single Tracks published by Get Minimal Music and Chill in Music. Enjoy the upcomming Tracks on Stampfkombinat!

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