Rutger S.

Rutger S.

Mierlo Niederlande

Born in 1981 in The Netherlands. Started listening to (hip) house and rave music in 1990. Big influence were the Turn up the bass House Party CD's. House music changed rapidly and soon he got infected by the hardcore virus. Big influence here was the first Thunderdome CD. In 1995 he got his first mixer. By calculating the BPM of every song with a stopwatch he managed to make some mixtapes with 2 normal CD players. A year later he got his first turntable and started buying records.

The addiction to music got stronger and in 1997 he even started making hardcore music on the computer with software called Impulse Tracker. This eventually resulted in his first release on the Masters of Hardcore label in 2000. After listening to the DJ Rush live at I Love Techno 2001 liveset a lot, he started mixing and making (hard)techno. Almost a decade later in 2010, after finishing his masters at the Tilburg University, the first hardtechno EP was released on Contempt Music Productions.

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