Artists: Trip2 Universe

Trip2 Universe
Köln Deutschland

Working as audio engineer and DJ.
Musicproducing is my passion and in the next times i will publish my tracks of deephouse, techhouse and house under my name Trip2 Universe.
Important for me is real clear sound without overcompression and extreme hard limiting. There is to much of it in the world. Get really back to basics and use your volumecontroller on your amplifier !
I work in my own studio and will create new ideas for sounds very soon.
You want to hear it, so look for some new songs under Trip2 Universe.
Many years i worked as dj in Germany. Some great times from 1987 up to 2007. Vinyl is the one i like very much, so i mixed always with vinyls. Paradise is: a good mixer and three technics 1210mkII.

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