Olbramovice Tschechische Republik

His path to electronic music started like many others by visiting various dance parties and his DJing career started around year 2001. In that time he was playing disco and dancehall style.

Switch to Techno music came with his deeper understanding of DJing when music started to be way to express himself. His beginnings were tribal and groove techno, because they were kings of the dance floor in those days. Switch to hardtechno came after visiting party with Sven Wittekind. He showed him new way and speed of Witheckers sets went sky high. During his career, he was also creating his own tracks and with hardtechno entering his life, he maxed out his potential. Nowadays he spends most of his free time creating and improving his tracks. In year 2011 he produced his first EP - Show your face on Overload label.

After this success, his career accelerated and he started to produce one track after another. His tracks became so popular, that he was contacted by stars like Jason Little, Adrian Varela, Orman Bitch and many others. He is creator of favourite intro tracks like: "Bender je Bůh, Team America ( went out in Czech, English and German ). In his portfolio is over one hundred tracks and he produced over twenty EP's. His fame reached over czech borders and allowed him to play on parties like: Nature One ( Criminal camp ) in Germany, Joy's B-day Massacre 2012 in Bulgaria and many others.

From Czech ones we can name: Hardtechno Province ( Brno ), Magic City, Oh my God, Christmas Zone and many more all around the republic.

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